Folks who aren't on facebook

So, will folks who aren't on facebook, aren't on twitter, aren't on second life soon lose their communities offline as well as the offline contextual information flows dry up?

Where now we talk in the hallways, around the watercooler, at the pub, over lunch, will we only update our status in net-land and expect everyone to know that our cat died this morning?

What will the world be like for those outside of these networks?

Will the unnetwork world gradually experience a drop in high quality status chatter like the post office is seeing themselves lose volume as personal communications switch over to email? The post office is making it up by charging magazines a fortune, driving many out of business, further shrinking the bandwidth of culture and context that flows to offliners.

Will these analog refugees stumble around in a world where all the information flows that used to take place person to person now take place in these proprietary networks?

Will it be like not knowing the language of the country you are in? (You can see the obvious things, and catch your bus on time but you lose the subtext and plot.)

Will we have translation services to port culture back to the non-cyber backwaters? See Time and newsweek and half the infotainment shows on tv for what this might look like.

I think it may be too late for those who are not online to keep offline culture from becoming constantly more arid (barring major electrical shortages in the next decade) so we must so it may be left to those of us who are online to make sure that the culture of the new frontier stays free and can always be ported back to the non-cyber world. One of the biggest things we must do for ourselves and on behalf of those not online is fight to keep online content free, public, and unowned rather than allowing our cultural rivers to flow through enemy territory.

Installing knowledgetree getting 500 error

If you are installing knowledgetree document management software and get a 500 server misconfiguration error you likely don't have mod_expires loaded into apache.

to fix (on debian)
a2enmod expires

You can confirm that this is your problem by checking your server's error log for where it complains about ExpiresActive directive in your .htaccess file. If you find that, the above command will fix it.

Find and replace in mysql

update table_name set table_field = replace(table_field,'replace_that','with_this');

Debian packages nice to have for Drupal 6 local dev workstations

apt-get install mysql-server mysql-common mysql-admin mysql-query-browser apache2 php5 php5-cli php5-common php5-mysql php5-gd php-apc

For servers, you only need
apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql php5 mysql-server mysql-common php-apc php5-gd php5-cli (for drush)

other things that you might want:
openssh-server (for remote servers)
cvs (for systems that will be retrieving packages from
subversion [or] git-core (better version control for everything else)

Then for clean urls, make sure AllowOverride All is set in directory definitions. Then enable mod rewrite:
a2enmod rewrite

Off to the Big Day(tm)

Woke up here in Szeged thanks to hotel's wake up call (I forgot an alarm clock -d'oh!). No roomate as of yet, but he should be here tonight.

It's a beautiful morning outside. I'm getting ready for the first day of Drupalcon. Today there are crazy sessions like Dries' keynote and tons of the most interesting stuff that frankly should have been spread out over the other days of the conference. We'll see if I keep up intellectually, technically and socially with what's going on.

Last night went well, I arrived in Seged, got in touch with you all, avoided the hotel room of death (more on that later) and hung out with a bunch of folks in the cafes right down the street. Met Daniel from who is a really nice guy, and lots of other nice people. I'll be trying to do some more networking today between all the learning.

No photo for now, but I'm taking them...


Sitting in Marvelosa cafe in Budapest (Buda actually, not Pest) after taking exorbitant taxi ride into town... Cute little floral place.. wifi of the same name.

Having carrot soup and bread with various dips, kinda funny, but good.

Marvelosa Cafe in Budapest Hungary

Off to Szeged...

wish me well. I'll be posting to this spot all of the updates I have time for.