Libertarian Paul has one good idea

This period is going to be remembered as a period of national disgrace and the privacy dark ages. The backscatter X-ray scandal, the reading of our email, secret watch lists and the slow burying of the Constitution under the filthy debris of the National Security State.

Freed from post Watergate constraints by Bush, and let roam free by Obama, this intimidation and stripping of our rights is a knife held to the neck of the open character of our society. The terrorists are inches away from having transformed us successfully.

I am a liberal progressive who considers Rand Paul an absolute corporatist idiot (witness his dimwitted ideas about economics being simply everyone working for the rich). However, I wholeheartedly applaud his aggressive action against backscatter x-rays, seizure of private computer equipment, and watchlists with no oversight.

People are gonna love someone shouting "stop the insanity!" Democrats should start leading this movement, or they will be trampled by it. Democrats' whole problem in the last 40 years is they have failed time and time again to recognize a movement when they see it. Or more likely, they have been repeatedly bought off and bought out when things get moving.

We're gonna have to do it for them. Demand that your Congresscritter support efforts to restore our out privacy protections in the Constitution!