Off to the Big Day(tm)

Woke up here in Szeged thanks to hotel's wake up call (I forgot an alarm clock -d'oh!). No roomate as of yet, but he should be here tonight.

It's a beautiful morning outside. I'm getting ready for the first day of Drupalcon. Today there are crazy sessions like Dries' keynote and tons of the most interesting stuff that frankly should have been spread out over the other days of the conference. We'll see if I keep up intellectually, technically and socially with what's going on.

Last night went well, I arrived in Seged, got in touch with you all, avoided the hotel room of death (more on that later) and hung out with a bunch of folks in the cafes right down the street. Met Daniel from who is a really nice guy, and lots of other nice people. I'll be trying to do some more networking today between all the learning.

No photo for now, but I'm taking them...