We did it - over 100 miles for Haiti!

the crew

Last week I asked some of my friends and family to help me support the work of Haiti Reborn. I was going to ride 100 miles in two days on my bike to earn their support. It was a leap of faith in more than one way. But it's been rewarded. I survived and had a pretty serious experience of what can be done with individual belief and the support of a caring community. I want to thank you all.

It was tough!!!!!!! I'm still recovering, but here's the short version.

the map

I did over 100 miles. We started on the W&OD from DC to Purcellvile, MD. Paved, and up and down (mostly up). It was pretty damn hard to keep going. Andy had a tough fall, and lunch somehow didn't happen till 3:30 pm.

My muscles were definitely getting hammered by the climbs. I didn't finish the first day, and was picked up by the truck several miles short of the farm where we spent the night but I had done 51 miles before my legs gave out. The next day I saw what I skipped and I wouldn't have made it.

We had a wonderful night on a vegetable farm with some of the warmest folks and most spartan conditions of my adult life. I'll tell you about it later, promise.

Chicken hill tents

After a cold night in a tent, I was able to continue the next morning, not really sure why it worked out that way (seriously). After some hills and a cool ferry ride at White's ferry, we got on the the flat but rocky C&O canal towpath. Flat is good, rocky sucks, but at least lunch was on time. Did I mention it was flat? All told we pushed through at least 55 miles back, and it wasn't until the last hill coming from Rock Creek Park up into Mt. Pleasant that I started walking my bike. I'm pretty proud that I made it at all and I definitely need to give a shout out to those who helped me on the trail and those that motivated me with their good vibes and donations!

When we got back to DC, we rode up to La Casa in Mt. Pleasant. There was a nice potluck with folks from all over and were fussed over a bit. Nicole cooked and also took some great photos. I changed into my least sweaty gear. Fun was had by all.

Special thanks to the people in the support vehicles who sacrificed their weekend riding around and waiting for us!

Some other points:

* The bike finished with several fewer parts than when I started.
* October 13th was the first frost in Northern VA.
* Mustard greens are pretty freaking awesome.
* The MD side of Great Falls is underrated.
* There will be video....so stay tuned.
* My friends and family are very generous folks.

Andy, Tom and I

You can complete your pledges here if you haven't done so already.

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