My letter to the W3C CEO Re: DRM in HTML5

Dear Jeff

The idea of the web is not to enable movie studios to make money, or to enable developers to lock down content for those that do not pay. The idea of the web is to enable free access for information to all. The fact that the standards-based web is competing well without DRM and putting pressure on the makers of un-free technologies like windows or flash, is a good thing. When the forces of openness are winning, why would our representatives surrender unconditionally? It would suggest the W3C is not really representing open access to information, but may be serving the needs of it's member companies Adobe and Micrsoft that are seeking to protect their proprietary business models that are currently being overwhelmed by the open web. The open web killed flash and silverlight, now the makers of flash and silverlight have joined the W3C to kill the open web.

If this proposal is standardized, I would be happy to support, or would personally investigate founding an alternative web consortium to replace the W3C, which would have clearly abdicated its responsibilities and abandoned its mission.

Thank you,