Ah, the ~45 clicks of a win32 Openoffice point release update

Editing document..... what's this bubble in the upper right corner of the screen? "There is a new version of Openoffice.org Available, would you like to install it? 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1" Look openoffice now updates itself, how convenient, I'll just let that run in the backround while I work. click.

Downloading 137MB (?!)......

Suddenly Firefox opens (Thank you for downloading openoffice.org) OK, Sure anytime.

Installer: This will update your version of Openoffice, would you like to Continue? Uh, yes. click.

This will extract the update files to this location, is that ok? click.

Click to proceed with the update. click.

Verifying update (90 seconds)....

Verify successful. Click next to proceed with installation. Click.

Please close the following programs to allow the installer to continue: "Mozilla Firefox - Thank you for downloading openoffice.org") (you need to close the web browser window that the installer just opened a few steps ago in order to upgrade my office suite....sounds like a bad joke.) Ok, closing firefox. Click, click.

Should we associate the following progs with OOo? >> Yes. They already are though. click.

Please click eleven times to scroll down and accept the Eula. Looks like the same one. click * 11.

Installing (3-4 minutes)....

What is your Name and initials? Prefilled thanks, click.

Would you like to register? >> have already registered thanks.

Thank you for using openoffice.org. Are we done?! Praise Jesus. I don't think I would have survived the less "automatic" version of the update. click OK.

Of course the installer doesn't bother to reopen openoffice, so I go off in search of the document that I was working on (if I can even remember what it was). Oh, and have to reopen my web browsing session as well.

Ah, the perils of building your "automatic" update as a crappy wrapper around your regular installer.

Yet another reason to stick with linux: apt-get upgrade
and you're done for every prog on your entire system. You can even do it without restarting your apps most of the time. They just launch as the new versions on next use.

Even installing a service pack to Microsoft Office is better than the "automatic update" feature in OOo. For instance installing Office 2k3 SP3 took about 4 clicks at work. Oh, and a system reboot, but old habits die hard :)